What Others are Saying About Our Company and Our Product

We believe the best form of advertising comes from satisfied customers. The products reports and testimonials below are a small sampling that were taken from our file of letters received over the years from satisfied customers worldwide. We hope you will join our growing family of treasure hunters, prospectors and rock hounds that have benefited from our expertise over the years………

The following excerpt was taken from the Weekend Prospector column featured in the November 1992 issue of Lost Treasure magazine and was written by long-time treasure hunter, Dorian Cook:

“My friends and I have tried various methods and chemicals to clean the dirty coins we find with our detectors with less than satisfactory results. We were wondering what the old Weekend Prospector himself uses to get the job done?”

S.B. Florida

Well, the “old” (fetch me my cane you young whippersnapper!) Weekend Prospector himself recommends that you try the product invented by my good friend, Doyle Finch – that he calls Magic Tumble Clean. He has developed formulas for each of the different coin metals and all are non-toxic. When used in conjunction with the Lortone Tumbler system, the results are far superior to anything else I have ever tried or seen used.

The following letter came from a customer who had been looking for a way to clean the coins he found with his metal detector:

“I received the tumbler on Thursday – It works very good and all the coins look great! It is refreshing to find someone in business who has such faith in his products and trust in other people like you do – It was very nice of you to send everything without a money order up front or wait 6 months for a check to clearn. Best of luck with your business, and you can be sure I’ll call you when I’m ready for more Magic Tumble Clean.”


The following letter came from a treasure hunter who has fallen in love with Magic Tumble Clean:

“Just a note to say that the coin tumbler and cleaning compound you sold me works great!! I have cleaned over 3,000 coins in the last year. Please find a check for another 16-ounce bag of cleaning compound. Thank you for a great product!

W. Cantin, NE

This letter was received from a new customer:

“You were right. My coins turned out so beautiful! I was anxious to try out the new tumbler with your cleaning product, Magic Tumble Clean. I had coins cleaning as soon as I opened the box! Thank you.”

D. Boull

From a recent skeptic:

“Just a note of thanks. I was unsure as to the ability of your product to clean my heavily encrusted coins. I had tried several times with a variety of so called cleaners and polishers, but none had worked. After receiving Magic Tumble Clean and adding my coins, I am very pleased with the results! Everything is now legible on the coins. You have a customer for life!”

T. Barthow, CA

The Magic Tumble Cleansystem is ideally suited for cleaning almost anything you might find while treasure hunting – from clad coins to jewelry and small relics – you’ll be truly amazed at the results!

While we include directions for general cleaning with each kit, we’ve had customers call or write us with variations that have worked well on certain types of items due to the ground conditions they were recovered from (saltwater, beaches, highly mineralized ground, etc.). Please feel free to provide your individual cleaning technique tips which we will share with fellow treasure hunters.