Gun Brass Cleaning Compound for Reloaders

Brass Pro Shot is a unique formula designed to clean spent gun brass with little or no effort.

This product works best with rotary tumblers, although vibrating tumblers work well with simply more running time for cleaning.

Ever since the advent of the full metal jacket cartridges, many guns have utilized a brass shell to contain the load and projectile of a shot.  Gun owners who reload their own cartridges and shells regularly can save money and improve the performance of brass shells with better quality powders and precisely-measured loads.

Brass shells must be meticulously cleaned after each use.  It is important to remove all discharge material that has adhered to the brass surfaces of a cartridge – both inside and out.  Gun owners who reload their own shots need to ensure their brass cartridges are properly cleaned in order to produce the best shooting environment.

After a case is fired, there is a burnt powder and primer residue that lines the inside of the fired case.  Cleaning in corn cob or crushed walnut shells cleans the outside of the cartridge case, but does little for the inside of the case.  Imagine, every time you fire your gun, a little sand and acid follows the bullet down the bore.

This is what happens if the burnt residue is not completely removed from the inside of the case.  After a while, the buildup grows until it starts flaking off the inside of the rifle or pistol case and is blown out the barrel, along with the exploding gases of the powder charge and bullet.

One problem with using many of the brass cleaning and polishing agents is that they contain harsh chemicals that weaken the brass each time you clean them, thus shortening the case life.  Brass Pro Shot is both a “green” product and process that will clean your shells meticulously and economically.

There are no acids, chemicals or harmful ingredients in Brass Pro Shot.  It is odorless and harmless to your skin and household drains. You may rest confidently that your brass will remain strong for a long life.  Brass shells can be cleaned with our without the spent primers with Brass Pro Shot

Things you’ll need:

  • Rotary Tumbler
  • Brass Pro Shot Cleaner
  • Water
  • Used Brass Gun Cartridges
  • Screen or Colander for Draining

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